Mission Partnerships

We have a mission partnership team within the Church to maintain and encourage two-way communication between us and those we support on the field. We feel that the Church has a responsibility for God's global mission and for those whom He has sent. We have a close relationship with five mission partners, all of whom have previously had close links with our Church. We support and encourage them through prayer, finances and in their everyday lives by keeping in regular contact and by visiting them personally. We hope that through these relationships we too can be involved in and support God's work in the global commnunity, but we are always mindful of others whom may also be feeling a call into missionary service and we seek to support them through that journey as well. 

Along with our mission partners there are a few individuals and organisations that we still maintain links with and we have become part of their support team.

The mission partnership team meets about once a month to discuss ongoing situations with our partners, prayer or financial requests and it seeks to engage the wider congregation in these issues. One way we have achieved this is through weekly updates during our Sunday morning service.